Maria Turk

Maria Turk

freelance ux designer


First Wally and I went off to some call centers for some Context Gathering. Initially we shadowed some call center workers and tried to assess what the customers were calling about.

At this early stage we decided that sketching some scamps might be a good way to show potential users what we were trying to do and see what they thought about it.

Context gathering

Part of the Context Gathering phase also involved meetings with LIME to find out more about their requirements. We decided to setup a number of workshops with various stakeholders from LIME. To help with the presentation Wally and I decided to show them the scamps and user journeys in addition to some Visual Mock-ups and Competitor analysis report I created to see what they thought.All sessions were collaborative.

User research visualisation and early visuals

The sessions resulted in a concrete set of requirements and the early testing gave us insight into the reaction of the Caribbean customers to this type of application.

Our sessions with LIME continued twice weekly throughout the entire project.

Based on what the users and LIME told us we decided to start the design of a simple web-based app allowing Pay as you go customers to top-up and check their balances.

Detailed design.

I then took the new requirements and set out to create some user journeys.

Facebook and Mobile app.

At this stage ideas of a Facebook and Mobile app began to emerge. We also decided to expand the app to include a limited service for contract customers.

I then began working on an Axure prototype which I used to liaise with the development and QA team.
The prototype also served us well during show and tell sessions with LIME every week.
We also used the prototype for some user testing.

I also created some UI specifications that developers and QA were able to follow more accurately.

Some insightful results from the user testing came back. Several iterations of the prototype were to follow.

After the prototype I began work on the visuals with direction from LIME’s design team. Designs were made with responsive implementation in mind.

Wally and I also began to sketch out and discuss the next phase of the mobile app and what it can offer pre-paid customers

Soon the developers came back with an early version of the app. Helen and I did a usability evaluation and highlighted some of the issues.

Finally user testing showed a considerable decrease in the the time is took each user to complete the desired tasks when compared to the initial process and a high CSAT score.


Lime were looking for ways they could reduce customer calls to their call centers. Voxgen—a provider of voice user interface solutions—hired me to lead the mobile and web design for the project which later expanded to Facebook. I was brought in to work closely with Wally a UX strategist to provide research, wireframes, interactions, prototypes, user-flows and visuals. The project followed an Agile methodology


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